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Thank you to all our donors!

Because of our generous community, we have reached our toy goal in record time and are no longer accepting donations

How To Donate

Toddler with Toys

You Can Come to Us

You can drop off your donation anytime at 90 Bear Gulch Drive, Portola Valley.

What To Donate

Any Toy!

Our company's specific mission is to help stop plastic pollution, but we appreciate any toys! That means, if you have any toys that are in working condition, we'll take that gladly!

Donation Examples:

 - plastic toy sets

 - DIY kits

 - blocks for children of all ages

 - toy trucks or cars

 - dolls

 - interactive games

 - board games or puzzles


Besides items commonly thought of us toys, we also appreciate:

 - sports equipment

 - books

 - stuffed animals

 - clothes

 - electronics

 - anything a child would enjoy!

Or We Can Come to You

This option is currently unavailable, we are fully scheduled for pickups through December

Retro Toy Airplanes
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