Heimlich & Co

Heimlich & Co

Ages 8+ | 2-7 Players Winner of the Spiel Des Janres (Game of the Year) Award:This Cold War classic earned Europe's top game award—it's a game of intrigue and deception where players try to figure out hidden identities while collecting top-secret information. Great Family Board Game: Simple rules and easy to learn strategy is perfect for kids, teens, and adults to play together How to Play: Players roll the die and move any spy they choose. When a spy lands on the building with the safe, every Agent earns points and the safe moves to another building. Includes: 7 Secret Agent Playing Pieces, 7 Scoring Tokens, 7 Secret Agent Passport Cards, 1 Safe Playing Piece, 8 Playing Pieces Stands, 1 die, 1 Game Board, Expansion Pack (26 Top Secret Cards), Illustrated Instructions Easy to learn: How-to-play video available online


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