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The Toy Project

Saving toys from landfills while providing toys to deserving children in local communities


Ors (see below).

To get toys to the children in time for this Holiday, we need you to act by December 1st.





Thank you to our generous donors! You make this possible!

*We are not accepting donations at this time

Who We Are

We are a fully incorporated non-profit founded by three Bay-Areay High School Students acting to help our environment while helping others. Our non-profit based in Silicon Valley CA aims to bring toys to children in need by giving toys another lifespan. All our toys come from generous families who have donated their toys and are distributed to underprivileged youth throughout the Bay Area.

Toy colored plastic cars in the children

Why We Operate

At The Toy Project, we aim to encourage the reuse of toys for a better planet and a better society. 


An estimated amount of 14 billion pounds of waste make their way to our oceans and landfills every year. This problem is not stopping. As the world continues to mass produce, the waste discarded continues to hurt our planet. Children’s toys are a particularly large contributor to waste, in part because children grow out of toys at a fast rate.

We offer a solution to this problem.

By donating used toys to us, you lower the rate at which toys are discarded and pollute our world, and instead offer these toys to children who need them. Not only are we helping the planet, but we are making toys more accessible to low income families who wouldn’t normally be able to provide these toys for their children.

Our hope is that people will start to see the beauty of reusing and expanding the lifespan of toys instead of choosing to throw them out.


How YOU Can Help

1. Utilize our company! If you have any toys that you would like to get rid of, click the Donate button on the top of the website and have your toys be reused instead of thrown away!

2. Lower the demand for new toys by reusing! By using our company you are helping stop the mass production of toys. By donating and using used toys instead of new, you are keeping more waste from being produced, and then eventually thrown into a landfill.  In the event that you need to buy something, try to buy it recycled or reused. 

3. Use sustainable swaps for things like shampoo bottles, toothbrushes, plastic bags, water bottles, and packaged meals. Check out our recommendations in the menu bar by clicking "Sustainable Resources."

Want to Volunteer? 

We have many volunteer opportunities. Just reach out to us at and we'll place you where we need help!

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