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Who We Are

Our non-profit based in Silicon Valley CA aims to bring toys to children in need by giving toys another lifespan. All our toys come from generous families who have donated their toys and are distributed to underprivileged youth throughout the Bay Area.


Why We Operate

Plastic waste is a huge problem that has plagued us since the end of WWII, when single-use plastic usage boomed. Since then, we have been producing plastic with exponential growth each year, and it is predicted that by 2050 there will be the same amount of plastic in the ocean as there are fish.

One huge contributor to pollution is the production of plastic toys. Plastic toys are a huge problem because the majority of them are made out of non-recyclable plastic. This means that almost every plastic toy ever made has never been recycled! On top of that, on average, it takes any single-use plastic about 500 years to biodegrade. So, every plastic toy that has ever been produced in the last 500 years has spent the rest of its life in a landfill. Not super great, right?

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How YOU Can Help

1. Utilize our company! If you have any toys that you would like to get rid of, click the Donate button on the top of the website and have your toys be reused instead of thrown away!

2. Lower the demand for new toys by reusing! By using our company you are helping stop the mass production of toys. By donating and using used toys instead of new, you are keeping more waste from being produced, and then eventually thrown into a landfill.  In the event that you need to buy something, try to buy it recycled or reused. 

3. Use sustainable swaps for things like shampoo bottles, toothbrushes, plastic bags, water bottles, and packaged meals. Check out our recommendations in the menu bar by clicking "Sustainable Resources."


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